10-Minute Sight-Singing

Chorus Directors (or quartetters), imagine if everyone in your group had the ability to confidently sing through a new piece of music the first time they saw it! Would it make your group better? Would you be able to spend more time on the nuances, rather than pounding out notes?

My new curriculum can help you in approaching that ideal. In as little as ten minutes per rehearsal your singers can build their skill level and confidence. Of course it could also be offered as a session before or after rehearsal, and extended to a half-hour, to give more time for practice exercises. Either way, you'll find your singers getting more confident in singing the notes on the page.

When you sign up for the course, "10- Minute Sight-Singing", you'll receive immediate access to Lesson 1. Each week you'll get access to another lesson. The full curriculum will keep you going for the better part of a year. The price is on a subscription basis, for only $15/month. You can discontinue at any time, but I think you'll want to keep it going. You'll have continual access to all the past lessons, in case you want to run a remedial class for new members, or anything like that.

Each lesson contains a double-sided lesson sheet, which can be copied and distributed to the singers. The director, or another music leader, could go over the lesson materials with the singers. There are a few practice exercises with each lesson, but the lesson includes an entire sheet of exercises for extra practice if time allows, or for personal study during the week. There is even a second sheet of exercises that is designed to harmonize with the exercises on the first sheet. It could be sung by part of the group, or by more advanced singers.

Take a look at the material in the first couple of lessons and imagine how a course like this would help your singers to develop confidence and skill over time.

Lesson 1
Lesson 1 - Exercises
Lesson 1 - Harmonized Exercises

Lesson 2
Lesson 2 - Exercises
Lesson 2 - Harmonized Exercises

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