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Harry Buerer, a.k.a. Mr. Sight Singing, has been teaching vocal music reading to various groups for over 25 years. He has directed a church choir for the last 15 years in the Portland area, and directs barbershop choruses in both Portland and Hood River, Oregon. Let him help you become a skilled sight-singer.

Hello Singers! I work with singers who are tired of singing wrong notes, and want to be able to save learning time and be able to confidently sing the right notes the first time they see the music. I provide a wide variety of resources for learning Sight-Singing, from the free mini-course and articles to video courses to gold-medal courses with hands-on help to individual instruction. Whatever your level of music background, I can help you improve your Sight-Singing skill. Contact me with any questions you have at Questions.

Sight-Singing, or vocal music reading, is a necessary skill for any musician. Certainly any singer will be far more competent and confident if he can sing or hear in his head any line of music that he encounters. But even an instrumentalist will be in much better control of his musicianship if he can anticipate what the notes are going to sound like before he plays them.

To some people, the skill of sight-singing seems like magic, as if only skilled musicians can do it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Many sight-singing courses assume a high level of musicianship as a prerequisite. But the materials that we offer don't assume any prior knowledge of music at all. Another unique feature of our materials is that we get you reading music right away, so you can see how easy it is. Then we just expand from there.

We offer (or will offer) Sight-Singing help on 4 different levels. First, there are free articles and materials available. Second, I have some inexpensive ebooks and video courses available on the Products page. Third, we plan to develop some more in-depth classes that offer personal support and feedback, not just a block of content. If you are interested in being updated on these classes, send me an email at harry . buerer @gmail . com (remove spaces) And fourth, if you want to study with me individually to learn Sight-Singing, I offer weekly half-hour lessons for $25. These can be done by phone or Skype or a similar service if you're not in the Portland, Oregon area. Contact me by the above email if you're interested.


We've recently produced a free 5-part mini-course to introduce people to learning sight-singing. Each of the 5 video lessons is about seven minutes long. You'll experience success in reading simple melodies from the sheet music from the very first lesson, even if you know nothing about music to start with. If you want to be confident that you're singing the notes that are written, check out Instant Sight Singing.